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EPILOGUE                            343

those whose heads the Great Executioner chops off great is
the number, many of them from distinguished families, and the
lake is dyed red with their blood of iniquity. And, strange to
say, in three days the relatives of the distinguished families
who have robbed and betrayed the people behave like noble
gentlemen, and the people are at last let alone to live in peace
and security and the city prospers.

So, in my mind, I pictured the Saviour of China. I would believe
in a revolution, any revolution, and in a party, any party, that
would replace the present government by Face, Fate and Favour
by a government by law. These three have made the rule of
Justice and the weeding out of official corruption Impossible.
The only reason why official corruption remains is that we
have never shot the officials, not one of them. We couldn't so
long as these three goddesses still remain. The only way to
deal with corruption in the officials is just to shoot them. The
matter is really as simple as that. And democracy is an easy
thing when we can impeach an official for breaking the law
with a chance of winning the case. The people do not have to
be trained for democracy, they will fall into it. When the
officials are democratic enough to appear before a law court
and answer an impeachment, the people can be made demo-
cratic enough overnight to impeach them. Take off from the
people the incubus of official privilege and corruption and the
people of China will take care of themselves. For greater than
all the other virtues is the virtue of Justice, and this is what
China wants. This is my faith and this is my conviction, won
from long and weary thoughts.

That time will come, but it requires a change of ideology;
the family-minded Chinese must be changed into social-
minded Chinese, and the pet ideas, age-old, of face, favour
and privilege and official success and robbing the nation to
glorify the family must be overthrown* The process will be
slow and laborious, how slow and laborious the preceding
study of the whole mentality and cultural tradition of the race
has shown. But that process is already at work, invisible,
penetrating the upper and lower social strata, and as inevitable
as dawn. For a time yet there will still be ugliness aad^paiii,
but after a while there will be calm and beauty and simplicity.